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Chief Editor
Find. Indicate. Create. Earn.

Everything we do at Collective Forecast is to support and assist traders and impact the global trading community we are a part of. Collective Forecast's capabilities span different business groups and geographic regions.

At Collective Forecast, we do not limit our employees by providing flexible working conditions and opportunities.

Collective Forecast is looking for a Chief Editor with English language skills, experience in "hot news" and an in-depth understanding of analytical trading news to develop the Collective Forecast news platform.

From us:

  • Working with top trading products relevant in the market right now.
  • Spelt out all the goals and objectives for the probationary period and after.
  • The opportunity to develop and reach new heights in work.
  • The possibility of remote work.
  • Competitive salary level.
  • Flexible work schedule depending on time zones for your work.
  • Quick decision-making and testing of ideas - no unnecessary bureaucracy and micromanagement.

Your future tasks:

  • Coordinating the work of printers, copywriters, and analysts.
  • Interacting with the SMM team to ensure timely publication of content.
  • Developing editorial policies and managing staff.
  • Approving material for publication.

What's important to us in this position:

  • Experience with hot news, trends, and market analysis, managing news background.
  • English language skills: Intermediate+ or Upper Intermediate (for written and sometimes oral communication).
  • Understanding of tone of voice platform, brand, and positioning.
  • Ability to work in a team for a common result.
  • Initiative and proactive position in work.
  • Creative approach to work.
  • Proficient in Excel and Google Docs.
  • Experience in IT sphere will be a plus.

If you are interested - contact us. We will gladly talk with you.

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