Stanford's Blyth Fund Incorporates Bitcoin into Its Investment Portfolio

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2024-03-05 18:50:16

Stanford University’s Blyth Fund, influenced by the Blockchain Club's leader Kole Lee, has dedicated 7% of its investment portfolio to Bitcoin, focusing on BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF. This decision, announced on March 5 by Kole Lee, a major in computer science and a prominent figure in the Stanford Blockchain Club, followed his successful pitch to the fund in February.


Lee's approach was designed to address the concerns of skeptical audience members while remaining positive about Bitcoin's potential, highlighting the significance of ETF inflows, the patterns of crypto market cycles, and Bitcoin’s role as a safeguard against global financial instability.


The Blyth Fund, a student-managed entity since 1978 named after Charles Blyth, contributes to Stanford's endowment by investing in a diverse range of assets, now including Bitcoin. According to Lee, the inclusion of Bitcoin aligns with the fund’s commitment to enabling student members to invest according to their interests and expertise.


In parallel, BlackRock is seeking to introduce Bitcoin exposure to its $36.5 billion Strategic Income Opportunities Fund (BSIIX), as indicated in a recent SEC filing. This move could see the fund purchasing shares in Bitcoin-related exchange-traded products (ETPs), including those directly holding Bitcoin and associated with BlackRock.


BlackRock's IBIT, a spot Bitcoin ETF launched recently, has emerged as a top performer among the latest series of funds, amassing over $11 billion in assets and attracting significant inflows, reinforcing the growing institutional interest in Bitcoin investments.

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