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Who we are?

Collective Forecast aims to collect and analyze traders' viewpoints concerning currency pairs to obtain the most accurate forecasts.

Founded by a team of enthusiasts and true visionaries, our platform looks to bring seasoned traders, influencers, and newcomers together into one comprehensive ecosystem.

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How It works?
Collective Forecast's fundamental goal is to create the most accurate system for market predictions fluctuations amidst high volatility due to the data obtained from traders of all kinds. Knowing firsthand about the hardships and pitfalls of trading on the stock exchange, we strive to create one family-friendly and in-a-business-like-manner credible ecosystem for sharing experiences and practical skills. By joining the Collective Forecast community, everyone contributes to the common cause, namely, the automation of the trading process for maximum profit.
At Collective Forecast, the proper risk assessment and competent management of assets are the cornerstones on the path to financial independence.
We also strive to meet the highest security standards, data integrity, and usability through intuitive functionality. In other words, CoFo hits the cryptocurrency trading market as an innovative platform where the opinion of every investor and trader counts.
User first
Each Collective Forecast user, regardless of their portfolio size, affects the potential vector in the selected asset quotation change.
As part of the CoFo community and ecosystem, you gain access to a particular set of tools and perks that form your impact factor. It makes our platform equally beneficial for all types of users, both our «masterminds» who make the forecasts and those who follow them. CoFo considers everyone's opinion, whether you are an influencer, an expert trader and crypto analyst, or a novice market participant.
How It works?
CoFo allows users to vote for the rise or fall in the price of selected currencies at different timeframes, whether a day, a week or a month. Lending their voice daily, Collective Forecast participants form the average direction of the digital asset price with up to 91% of validity.
The all-unique algorithm developed by the Collective Forecast team accounts for the impact factor of each user's Forecast, applying it to the calculation formula to determine the market situation as accurately as possible.
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We offer each trader to choose their level of involvement in the community's life and the Collective Forecast ecosystem. By joining us, you can make your daily forecasts for the movement of price levels or form your trading strategy based on the viewpoints of other users
Join the Collective, Master the Forecast!
Collective Forecast aims to bring traders with impressive professional and expert backgrounds and new market players under one roof into the community of like-minders and crypto enthusiasts.
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Click «Sign up» right away and enter the cryptocurrency market starting from only $19.99 per month! It is you, yourself, other users, and our unique algorithm that allows for daily access to signals with a likelihood of profitable trades of up to 91%!
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Learn, share experiences, and grow rich by becoming part of the CoFo community! After all, as Sir Isaac Newton once claimed, «If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Titans».
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