CoFo Lab Market Watch: Sellers Strike Back

Analysis and Forecasts
2024-04-02 19:06:53

Sellers halted the bulls' attempt to cement dominance across higher timeframes, failure triggering a sharp downswing.


Analysis of CoFo Scout Readings


Volatility cycle completed another rotation with an interim amplification. Overnight, bear pressures intensified as buyers visibly engaged counter-measures but unable to stem losses, seeing positions liquidated.


The selloff and subsequent intraday bullish response both failed to relieve the asset of short-term bearish impulses! Overall fragmentation subsiding but buying and selling signals concurrently gaining potency.


Desynchronization persists though Scout captures the intensifying tug-of-war - shorts accruing on higher durations, longs on lower.


For now, sellers retain control. Bulls still marshaling firepower and will likely bid to exploit any accrual of medium-term longs.

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