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What market analysis ideas can I find on the Collective Forecast Platform?

Our platform offers a lot of ideas for market forecasting and analysis, such as setups, analytics, news, tutorials, and discussions. Using the market analysis tools and systems we offer, you can master forecasting with ease and get tips on the best moments to enter the deals on the presented assets.

To seek ideas and analysis tools, you can search by tags and sections, find forecasts and recommendations from other users, and beyond.

Can I access the predictions of other Collective Forecast users?

You can easily make decisions based on the analysis of platform users' forecasts, and here's why: the unique Collective Forecast algorithm accounts for the impact factor of each trader's forecast, providing the most trusted data on the expected change in the currency values. Thus, the higher the percentage of successfully closed transactions a trader has, the higher their impact factor will be.

By observing the pro traders' forecasts and strategies and comparing their actions with the indicators of our tools, you will quickly learn how to react to market signals and enter deals at the most favorable time.

How does the Collective Forecast Affiliate Program work?

The Collective Forecast Affiliate Program allows users to receive commissions from each attracted paid subscriber. The minimum threshold for entering the affiliate program is ten attracted users who will purchase the Collective Forecast paid subscription or use the paid services of Collective Forecast within 30 days. You will receive a reward of 10% from all purchases made on the platform by your audience.

To receive monthly bonuses, you will have to keep bringing a minimum of ten new users who will make at least one purchase on our marketplace. A reward of 10% of all purchases made by your affiliates will be credited to your account. Once your affiliates make less than ten purchases within a month, you won't get the bonuses. But they won't expire as well and remain in your account. Your program bonuses (Affiliate Mentor program) and all analytics for the affiliate program also appear in your account.

The Collective Forecast Affiliate Program is especially beneficial for influencers with a large audience. Once you post an affiliate link on external resources and motivate your followers to join the Collective Forecast ecosystem, you'll start getting stable passive income. Moreover, our affiliate program is multi-level, which implies an increase in the commission percentage for each engaged affiliate when the affiliate achieves a new partnership level. Thus, the more active users you bring to our platform, the higher your level is, and the more bonuses you will get for each affiliate.

What perks does Collective Forecast provide to traders?

Collective Forecast offers a wide range of tools for market analysis and trading. Even users with a free subscription get access to a variety of popular and unique authoring products. Among our core market analysis and forecasting tools, the Cofo Scout, setup generator, metrics, and indicators are the worthiest. We also provide access to analytics, influencer ratings, educational materials, a forum for traders, professional technical support, and a large community of like-minders.

How quickly can I master the Collective Forecast tools?

Collective Forecast boasts a concise interface and a large selection of educational materials and tools with intuitive functionality. All this makes our platform a perfect springboard for those entering the world of trading. Visitors to our site will find video tutorials, lessons, courses, and articles about trading and the functions of the Collective Forecast tools. These and many other perks enable novice traders to quickly accustom to our platform and learn how to trade with the help of easy-to-use tools in the shortest possible time.

What assets are available on Collective Forecast?

The list of assets presented on the Collective Forecast is quite diverse, which opens up lots of opportunities for both beginners and experienced traders. Our platform allows you to make a detailed forecast on the movement of currency pair quotes of the Binance crypto exchange spot market.

What opportunities does Collective Forecast provide for market analysis?

Collective Forecast was created for traders by traders. Knowing firsthand about market volatility, our team has developed a whole bunch of diverse tools to predict trends and determine the best time to enter deals. Charts, indicators, news, rates, and advice from influencers are just a few useful tools presented in our marketplace.

At Collective Forecast, we are convinced that a comprehensive approach to asset trading cannot go without analysis tools. Therefore, we provide multiple opportunities for predicting market fluctuations on different timeframes, allowing you to determine the most profitable trading signals.

What level of support does Collective Forecast provide to its users?

Collective Forecast provides 24/7 support to its customers. You can contact us via online chat or send us an e-mail. We don't use chatbots. When contacting our technical support, you can rest assured of communicating with a competent specialist who is well-versed in trading and platform functionality. Besides, you can always count on community support in our social networks.

How can I use Collective Forecast to trade in the crypto market?

Collective Forecast provides multiple proven tools for analyzing and predicting the crypto asset market. On our platform, you can follow indicators, study quotes charts, read news, and communicate with other users on our social networks.

With the help of our authoring tools, you can easily make out the basics of cryptocurrency trading, and learn how to analyze, predict, and open timely positions.

Can I add my own indicator to the Collective Forecast platform?

Soon, besides using indicators from the extensive list of already available indicators, you will be offered to place your own ones. It allows you to use our platform as a marketplace and list authoring indicators for personal use and other Collective Forecast members. You can also access the «Indicators» section from the main page of the Collective Forecast website.

How does the Affiliate Program operate?

The Collective Forecast Affiliate Program provides the most easy-to-use and comfy entry conditions for all registered users. To become an affiliate, you need to perform a few simple steps: attract 10 or more users who have signed up for a paid subscription or bought any product on our marketplace to receive a stable passive income from their audience.

Anyone can become an affiliate. It is enough to be a registered user of Collective Forecast to use the affiliate link generated in your account. Send a unique code to your subscribers and attract new users to our platform, alongside getting commissions for them.

What conditions and rewards do you offer influencers who attract new users?

The conditions of the Affiliate Program for affiliates on the Collective Forecast platform are as follows:

  • To consistently and monthly receive bonuses under the Affiliate Program, you'll have to attract ten or more users within one month, each of whom makes a purchase on our platform at least once.
  • A reward of 10% of all purchases or products from Collective Forecast and CoFo Labs made by affiliates will be credited to your account.
  • A reward of 1% of purchases made by your affiliates on the Marketplace.
  • To receive monthly bonuses under the Affiliate Program, you must observe the tendency of purchases by your new audience of ten or more every month.
  • If, during the month, your audience makes less than ten purchases, new charges won't be credited. However, the previously accrued bonuses won’t expire and will remain in your account.
  • The number of bonuses and all analytics on affiliates is displayed in your account.
How do I get a unique link to participate in the Affiliate Program?

Simply register in the Collective Forecast. You can find the affiliate code in your account. Just copy the link and post it on any external resource to attract the audience to our platform.

What is the registration process for users I’ve engaged?

To become your affiliates, attracted users will have to provide minimum information at the sign-up, namely:

  • nickname;
  • e-mail;
  • password;
  • code received from you

After successful registration, the system will link the account of the engaged user, assigning it to you as an affiliate.

How can I track the progress and number of clients engaged through the Affiliate Program?

You don't need any additional tools to monitor and record the purchases made by your audience. We have already done this for you, as the system calculates automatically. By going to your account, you can always track the progress and the number of users attracted as part of our Affiliate Program.

After your affiliates follow your unique link, they enter the registration window. Upon specifying personal data, the user will see fields for filling, one of which will be a field for entering the affiliates link. The system will automatically assign the user to you and count him as your affiliate after they insert the link at registration.

What is the minimum entry threshold for users attracted through the Affiliate Program?

The minimum entry threshold for each affiliate is 10 or more new registered users per month who have paid for the company's product or a website subscription.

Please note: For our system to correctly recognize and count all your audience who paid for a subscription or bought at least one product, the engaged users must make payment AFTER entering and saving the affiliate code in their account.

What are the methods of paying rewards for successfully engaged clients?

The payout system for the Affiliate Program on Collective Forecast is as simple as possible. On the last day of each month, your earnings are automatically transferred to your account. We are convinced that our partners don't need to «hold» or «request» their earnings.

Developing and maintaining an audience takes work, and it must be paid on time!

Having reached the minimum threshold of 10 engaged customers who paid for any of the products within a month, you receive deductions that can be withdrawn at any time.

Are there any limits on the number of clients I can attract through the affiliate system?

Everyone can develop their community at their own pace. There are no restrictions on the maximum number of affiliates, as well as no specific rules on strategies for attracting them. It's you, who chooses whether to engage the maximum of new users at once, starting from the first month, and constantly stimulate their influx and purchasing actions, or invite affiliates in doses, gradually increasing your audience and receiving monthly rewards.

While there is no limit on the maximum, there is still a limit on the minimum number of paid users of 10/month. The only condition is that each of those ten affiliates must purchase a product or a paid subscription at least once during the month of registration on Collective Forecast.

How long is the reward for the engaged affiliate stored, and are there any conditions for its preservation?

The bonus reward received for attracting a paid user, but not withdrawn from the platform, doesn’t disappear but is automatically transferred to the next month. And so on to infinity, as long as you are an active affiliate on our platform.

Can I become a mentor, being someone's affiliate?

Yes, of course, like any other user, you can try yourself as an affiliate on our platform. Linking to your affiliate will allow you to participate in our affiliate program, while bonuses from your audience will be only yours.

CoFo Scout
What is CoFo Scout?

To familiarize yourself with CoFo Scout, open the menu and go to the Information section. Select CoFo Scout to access overview pages detailing capabilities, components, and videos. To learn more about working with CoFo Scout, you can take a course at CoFo Academy.

How can you find and start using CoFo Scout?

To enter CoFo Scout, you need to register and click Menu from your account, then choose Products and Services > CoFo Scout. This displays a table with Assets, Timeframes, Total, and Domination columns. Hover the exclamation points beside each header for descriptions explaining what the terminology means.

Are there any notifications on CoFo Scout?

Yes. The notification configuration window allows the creation of custom alerts triggered by signals on specific assets. By default, notifications are sent by e-mail. Choose the destination under Profile -> Edit profile -> Personal data — Notifications or click the “Bell” button. Learn more about CoFo Notifications via the link.

CoFo Setups
What do the open and closed setups look like?

The Setups section allows you to discover setups created by others. You are able to view Free Setups posted publicly and Setups from creators you actively subscribe to. Limited details will be shown when viewing a Private Setup without the required subscription. Upon opening the locked setup, only name, ticker, and expected market direction are available to users.

How to publish your Setup?

To publish your setup, click “Save Setup”. A configuration pop-up will appear. In the window, you can name your setup, write a description, add relevant tags, and choose Access type. In this example, we’ll choose Free Access.

How to find your Setup?

Navigate to your setup by clicking "Setups" in your Personal Account and toggling the "Created by me" filter. This will display the setup along with its current Open status and Free access type as chosen previously. From here, you have the option to close (deactivate) the setup if desired.

How to find Setup?

To access Setups, first locate the 'Menu' button at the top of your screen. Within the menu, navigate to the 'Products and Services' section, then choose 'CoFo Setups'.

What are CoFo Setups?

Setups are highly-rated price forecasts created using the CoFo analytical model. This model utilizes various asset analysis techniques, including candlestick analysis, indicator and volume analysis, Wyckoff and Gauss methods, and more.

What setups are there on the platform?

There are two types of setups:

  • Open Setups: These setups offer CoFo Labs' analysis of carefully selected market situations through the CoFo forecasting model or analysis from top traders that make use of their respective methodologies. Open Setups provide reliable yet conservative price forecasts.
  • Exclusive Setups: Created by top traders for their respective communities, Exclusive Setups require a subscription to access. Exclusive Setups allow for more variety in price forecasts and might have higher profit potential.
How to put fee for setup?

Go to "Setups" in your Personal Account and select the "Pen" icon to access billing options. Here, you can specify the monthly subscription fee your followers will be charged for access to your exclusive setups.

How to cancel a Setup?

If a created setup is no longer relevant, authors have the option to manually close it by clicking "Cancel". While the setup will still display visually on the chart unchanged, its status will update to Closed by Author.

CoFo Charts & Indicators
What indicators are available on the platform?

To explore the wide range of indicators available on our platform, click "Products and Services" from your account menu and select "Indicators".

How to apply indicators on a chart?

First, open the "Menu" from your personal account page to utilize indicators for market analysis. Select "Charts" to enter the interactive charting toolkit. Within this interface, you'll find an "Indicators" option — click to open a catalog of technical indicators.

How do you find charts on the platform?

To find Charts, open the Menu from your Personal Account. Then select Charts.

CoFo Notifications
What are notifications for?

Notifications will promptly inform you about changes in the currency pairs you have selected. You must always be aware of the market situation and not miss a profitable trading situation.

Is it possible to customize notifications in CoFo Scout?

You can set up notifications directly in our CoFo Scout tool.

Where to find the notification button?

Go to CoFo Scout. To enable notifications, click on the "Bell" button in the upper right corner of the table.

How do you activate total domination notifications?

To activate the second type of notification, you must check the "Total Domination" option.

CoFo Affiliate
How to become a CoFo partner?

Step 1 - You can read more about the Business Partnership Program here.

Step 2 - Sign up on our platform.

Step 3 - Go to Dashboard - Personal Account and set up your account by clicking on one of the buttons on the website or platform.

Step 4 - In your Personal Account, you will find a link that you can use to engage users to the platform. Just copy and share it on social media.

Where can you find an affiliate link?

In your Personal Account, you will find a link that you can use to engage users to the platform.

Just copy and share it on social media.

What are the terms of cooperation?

Terms of cooperation for Affiliate Program:

  • By subscribing to our platform, you automatically get the opportunity to become an affiliate of our program and monetize your audience.
  • Every month, you receive 10% of your followers’ spending if 10 or more new subscribers come from your community.
  • Your earnings are available for withdrawal at any time.
CoFo Feed
What is CoFo News Feed?

The News Feed displays platform updates, market developments, the latest analytics, and commentary from the community. It facilitates discussing shifting conditions, listening to perspectives, and sharing your own opinions.

How do you find CoFo News Feed?

Select "News" from the top menu from the website's home page. We also broadcast key stories on our social media.

CoFo Academy
What do you need to publish your course?

The process of creating a course on the platform is simple and convenient. To publish a course, you need to fill out the following information: Title, Categories, Tags, Duration, Price, Access type, Language localization options, Comments enabled, Difficulty level, Short and full description, Cover image.

Where do you find courses?

Access courses in your profile by selecting "Courses". "My Courses" shows subscribed content. "Created by Me" displays your authored courses. The avatar menu in the top right provides another way to open Courses.

How do you create courses?

There are multiple options for creating new courses.

Option 1

In the control panel, select “My Courses” and “Add Course”.

Option 2

Alternatively, click the “+” icon in the top bar or “Create new project”. Both lead to the course builder.

Option 3

Navigate into “My Subscriptions” or “Created by Me”. Choose “Create Training” to access the course creator.

What is CoFo Academy?

CoFo Academy facilitates learning and knowledge sharing through courses that users can both take and create. Here, you will find video tutorials, articles, reference texts, and more that will help you take your trading skills to the next level.

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