Business Partnership Program

The Collective Forecast Affiliate Program is a perfect option for those who want to get passive income without even trading experience.

The point of the partnership system is as simple and profitable as possible. Therefore, each registered user who invites a new customer through his unique partnership link gets a reward of 10% from all transactions on Collective Forecast made by their partner.

Both beginners and expert traders can become our partners at ease. Click «Join Now» and get access to the unique Collective Forecast partnership program today!
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  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
  • Become an Affiliate. 
How to become a partner?
Only four simple steps stand between you and your reward:
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Sign up at Collective Forecast
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Get a affiliate link in your account
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Invite your community
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Get passive income from purchases of your affiliates
How it works?
Each registered user of Collective Forecast can receive dividends from paid users. To receive monthly bonuses under the partnership program regularly, you need to attract 10 or more new users as business partners, each of whom has to purchase on our platform at least once. Firstly, the affiliate program is beneficial for influencers with a large audience.
Accordingly, the more followers join Collective Forecast and purchase paid Collective Forecast tools, the more impressive bonuses you will receive as a partner.
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The terms of the Partnership Program on the Collective Forecast platform are as follows:
  • The partner will need a minimum of 10 users to withdraw the bonus. Each of them will have to make at least one purchase.
  • A reward of 10% of all purchases made by your affiliates will be credited to your account.
  • A reward of 1% of purchases made by your affiliates on the Marketplace.
  • The number of bonuses and all analytics on affiliates is displayed in your account.
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The Collective Forecast
partnership program is made up so that anyone who wants to become a partner of our platform can do it easily, right in their account
Affiliate link
Upon registration on the platform, users get an affiliate link containing a unique key in the personal accounts.
Copy & Share
Users can copy and share it with their audience to make passive income online.
Follow the link
The website registration page opens after clicking on the link. User`s audience automatically becomes their affiliates by registering through their unique link.
Cookie mark
The user`s affiliates will be assigned a specific cookie mark right after registration.
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Our system will further recognize the latter when calculating and issuing the affiliate bonuses to you
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Our system prevents multiple account registration. That's why the Collective Forecast user who came via your link and went through a sign-up process would be assigned exclusively to you
What are the pros?
Collective Forecast cares for the Business Program participants, building mutually beneficial relationships with the affiliates and the business partners. Among the core benefits one can reap from the Partnership program, it's worth noting the following:
Stable income
Business partners 10 or more users who pay for a product or buy the Collective Forecast subscription within one month and get passive income from the actions of your engaged audience
Usability and reliability
Users trust Collective Forecast, and we, in our turn, strive to become better by implementing the latest personal data protection algorithms and developing innovative financial market forecast systems brought together under one roof within an easy-to-use interface. Finally, our platform provides professional technical support to everyone willing
Affiliate rate
All our partners will receive a substantial reward of 10% from each of the transactions made by their affiliates
Additionally, you get 1% of all purchases of your affiliates in the Marketplace
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Join the Collective Forecast Partnership Program

receive stable passive income, and don't forget to tell your community about us!
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